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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas Day 2011


The day started out unbelievably. At midnight I was awakened by fireworks. I walked out on my patio and all the villages around the lake were simultaneously setting off fireworks. While the fireworks were not anything special in themselves, the overall picture of all the villages working together to coordinate this was very special and moving.

The day only got better as I was able to talk to Scott, Kade and Madison on Skype, an invention that has made travel more bearable when not with loved ones.

The Alegre Pub sold Brunch and Christmas Dinner tickets to a small few regulars and backpackers for only $15. This is quite a good deal since they involve an unlimited breakfast buffet with mimosa and Christmas dinner is an unlimited dinner with Turkey, Ham and all the trimmings along with a glass of wine. In the afternoon they will show A Christmas Story upstairs in the movie room.

While not the same as being with family, it is nice that they try to make us feel at home while traveling.

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