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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Close to Christmas


As it gets closer to Christmas, my decision to leave before Christmas makes me second guess whether I should have waited. However, since none of my family or friends use heat in the freezing winter, I had no choice or either freeze. LOL Actually everyday seems like Christmas when I am with Kade and Madison.

My decision to come back to Guatemala was done to save up money for future travels next winter and hopefully a new travel business when I return in a few months. I am doing really well on my budget in San Pedro. My budget is $20 a day for everything, room, food, and entertainment. So far I have been under that budget and many days spending about $13 a day. It is so hard to believe that my beautiful , private room with tv (and HBO) only cost $6.25 a night and has a balcony overlooking Lake Atitlan.

There was an incident with a "mature" traveler who was leaving and thought he should get a refund for prepaying. He started screaming at the owner, Gladys, and then grabbed her by the shoulders and started shaking her. Luckily I was standing nearby and stepped in between him and her. I am not a hero but could not just stand around and let a man physically abuse a woman.

Loving the lake and its tranquility. Learning the latin way, to slow everything down and just enjoy life. I am learning to walk slower , trying to talk slower and pay more attention to my surroundings. Every child here seems to be selling something but they also seem very happy.

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