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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quiet and Peaceful days on the Lake


With Christmas over and New Years approaching I plan on enjoying the peaceful solitude of Lake Atitlan and the small village of San Pedro.

A few observations:

Each store in the village washes the cobblestone streets in front of their business with soap and water. Almost all of the indigenious people wear traditional clothing and which is a source of pride for them. Women are selling all type of bread early in the morning out of a basket such as cinnamon rolls and banana bread for only 50 cents each.

But what amazes me most is that these women are waist deep in the lake at 6 am washing clothes and bathing. Even the owner of the hotel I am staying in bathes and washes her hair even though she lives in the hotel and they all have hot showers. Tradition and the simple life. I find myself doing with less as each day passes.

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