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Monday, February 13, 2012

Heading to Philippines in a month


Everything fell into place just as I was about to give up on a Philippines trip. American Airlines credited me with enough miles for a FREE trip from San Salvador, El Salvador to Los Angeles. (even though it involves 18.5 hrs to get to Los Angeles) What we do from free trips. Then I get on a plane 2.5 hrs later for the 19 hrs involved getting to Manila via Tokyo.

But really excited as Boracay Beach is one of most beautiful beaches in world. Ranked 2nd by many. Also the underground river is on the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Add the steepest rice terraces in the world and swimming with Whale Sharks and I am expecting an awesome trip. Just need to get my new credit cards before my trip. Old ones canceled due to cloning. But will work it out. 2 more weeks in San Pedro, then to Antigua for few days to see friends, then to Playa Tunco for remainder of my trip before heading to the airport.

This trip will give me the excitement that I have been missing in not seeing new places which is my passion. Will return on April 24th and then work on Backpacker Travel and guided trips to Ireland in late May/early June. Then Costa Rica and Guatemala trips during summer.

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